Anthony B. Gordon: Advice in Avoiding Copyright Litigation When Using Media

With copious amounts of media and data constantly swirling around us in this modern age, it’s no wonder we often hear the term “copyright infringement”.  Through pop-culture news, it isn’t unusual to hear a story coming in speaking of a once-popular artist suing a current artist over a too-similar chorus in their new pop song.  With today’s social media, radio, internet, and television abilities, anything you create can spread like wildfire.  Unfortunately, your creation may reach someone who believes it’s a little bit too similar to their own song, article, etc.  Don’t let the jealousy of another turn into a lost court case.  Anthony B. Gordon is able to defend any copyright situation you may run into, and can assist in providing the results you need.

How Can I Be Safe When Publishing?

Fortunately, there is plenty of advice available that allows you to avoid messes pertaining to copyright litigation.  For example, it is imperative to document where your sources are coming from if you plan to use them in an article or other form of media you want to publish on the internet.  It’s just as was thoroughly implanted in your mind throughout grade school and college – use citations!  Often in scientific, governmental, or official articles, one most likely can scroll to the bottom and see the lengthy list of sources the author has used for their information.  Anthony B. Gordon suggests this as a very simple task to avoid a case of copyright infringement, further leading to copyright litigation.

Anthony B. Gordon also suggests being very careful as to what media you choose to use, even if you decide to give credit where credit is due.  Providing a citation does not always specifically entitle you to use something you find on the internet, nor does it mean you will be able to walk away from copyright litigation if a case is directed at you.  There are certain forms of media that have special licensure, meaning they sometimes have a term written in that you are simply not permitted to use them.

If you are a company trying to avoid copyright litigation, due to often using media off the internet that may or may not need to be cited, Anthony. B Gordon knows that having proper training for your employees on the different aspects of being safe on the internet regarding what they use, and what they choose to represent the company with, can be of great assistance.  A solid training course in copyrights and trademarks, as well as the process of what could potentially occur in copyright litigation, will ensure at least some knowledge on the employee’s part as to what is acceptable and what isn’t.  Proper knowledge in a subject area for your employees can never hurt.

Finally, if you do happen to fall into any unfortunate Copyright Litigation, Anthony B. Gordon has over 40 years of valuable experience to assist in winning your Copyright Litigation case.  Whether your case is due to media you’ve used on the internet, something you’ve created, or even find yourself being sued under copyright law, Anthony B. Gordon will provide the assistance you’ve been searching for.



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