Anthony B. Gordon: Assets Can Be Protected

Life is so often based on timing and planning.  Even though it’s sunny in the morning, will you finally decide to grab that umbrella you always forget, after seeing the rain-ridden weather forecast on the news?  Anthony B. Gordon agrees asset protection planning goes by that same principle.

The idea is to grab the umbrella while the sun is shining its beautiful summer rays, in preparation for the cloudy, wet weather.  This is what is known as preparedness – protecting yourself from the oncoming storm.  Anthony B. Gordon believes everyone has assets they need to protect, and unfortunately one must go about protecting them from creditors with extraordinary vigilance, and honesty, so as to avoid terrible consequences such as bankruptcy or jail time.

What Should I Know About Protecting My Assets?

When it comes to keeping your assets hidden, Anthony B. Gordon notes there are plenty of tips to keep in mind.  As with most everything in life, procrastination will not get you very far.  A claim can arise at nearly any time, and much sooner than when a claim letter is provided.  Furthermore, if you begin asset protection later than sooner, Anthony B. Gordon adds that the debtor and whoever helped in transfers of a fraudulent nature are possibly liable for creditor’s and/or attorney’s fees – not a place you want to be stuck.

Another great tip from Anthony B. Gordon is if you have an asset protection plan, and you are unable to explain what’s going on with your actual assets, nine out of ten times the plan will not work out. You become incredibly suspicious if you do end up in a court of law and have no idea what went on with your assets – hesitation could mean you aren’t willing to put everything on the table, among other insinuations.  In the end, Anthony B. Gordon believes the best asset protection plans are the easiest to understand, the simplest.

Last, the best thing to keep in mind is that everything eventually is put on the table at the end of it all.  That being said, everything you do needs to be truthful and under full disclosure, while still making the right moves towards protection.

What Are the Best Ways to Keep My Assets Protected?

To keep your assets far away from creditors, simply move them.  Irrevocable Trusts, limited liability companies, and family limited partnerships are all good places to move your assets.

Speaking to Anthony B. Gordon, him being your attorney, is the best way to find a solid, functional solution to keep your assets protected, in a way that is tailored to your situation.  Anthony B. Gordon has over 30 years of experience, and therefore can be the knowledgeable mentor you need to thoroughly protect your assets.  Call (818) 887-5155 today for more information on how Anthony B. Gordon can help you.


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